BlueSentinel Group was founded with a passion to provide every person and every organization with the necessary tools to work and live in a safe environment. Out of this philosophy, we believe that caring about people is caring about your organization. We believe that when people feel safe, empowered, and believe in their training, it leads directly to increased organizational productivity.

Through relevant training, policy development and risk assessment, BlueSentinel Group delivers the next level in security, law enforcement and organization performance. We provide our clients with the utmost confidence and trust in our services, striving to make your work and home environment safe and secure. 




Keith Smith

Founder and Principal

Keith Smith is a 17 year law enforcement veteran and founder of BlueSentinel Group. He is a nationally recognized  expert in "Active Threat" training, for both the federal government and civilian corporations. His extensive training background led to his desire to create a company dedicated to providing "real-world", applicable education.  


Greg Thayer


Greg Thayer is a decorated 19 year law enforcement veteran and co-founder of BlueSentinel Group. He has extensive experience managing and operating multiple agency departments, focusing on Special Operations, Investigations and Training Bureaus. Recruited by the federal government, Greg was tasked with creating several training programs and directorates that are now in full operation. 

Stacy Ettel

Consultant - Business Development

Stacy Ettel is a 30 year law enforcement and military veteran, specializing in security logistics, event management, training, and dignitary protection. He has managed some of the nation's largest sporting events, political figures, and professional athletes. In addition, he is a nationally recognized  public speaker and highly sought after presenter. 

Joseph Assad

Advisor - International Contracts

Joseph Assad is an international security consultant with extensive human rights, counterterrorism and counterintelligence field experience. As a former U.S. Government official, Mr. Assad has worked on some of the most complex and protracted international security issues in the world.

Michele Rigby Assad

Advisor - International Consultant

Michele Rigby Assad is a corporate consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and best selling author. Her specialization in counterterrorism and counterintelligence over the past 20 years have brought a fresh and unique perspective to risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies for corporate clients working in the toughest environments.

Brett Hougland

Business Manager

Brett Hougland spent an impressive 25 years in law enforcement, specializing in homicide investigations, counterterrorism and human trafficking. After retiring, he transitioned into the corporate sector, being recruited to manage a large scale defense contract.