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Active Threat Training


Specifically designed for ALL employees, from directors and administrators to teachers and staff, this program has been successfully delivered to over 8000 students, across the country.

By following a unique and comprehensive curriculum, students are provided the tools necessary to recognize and defeat a critical incident event. In addition, students will be given a tactile experience with several weapons systems, teaching them how to control and defeat various firearms. At the end of the class, students are placed in a “real-life” scenario, allowing them to experience the “stress” of an actual event, using the techniques delivered to them throughout the program.

​In our (4) hour course, participants will be able to

  • Identify victim characteristics –Are you likely to be attacked?

  • Classify potential aggressors via…

          -Early detection

          -Common behaviors/early warning signs

  • Recognize physiological and psychological responses to stress

  • Responses to extreme stress - What motivates us/drives what we do?     

  • How the Sympathetic Nervous System impacts stress response

  • Explore mindset development

  • Understand the importance of local policy

  • Explain and categorize active shooter response

           -Phases of the active shooter

           -Winning strategies – Run. Hide. Fight (Myths debunked)

  • Identify and be aware of weapons

           -Show, tell, and, touch

           -Defeating firearms

  • Demonstrate Defensive Tactics

          -Basic combat footwork and strikes

  • Practical Exercise

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