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Single Officer Reponses to Active Threats


2 Training Days (16+ hrs)


Max # of students (20)





The Single Officer Response to Active Threats is designed to provide law enforcement with a safer and more effective approach in defending innocent victims, while minimizing mass casualties in the event of an active threat. Students will be provided with dynamic and interactive training drills, along with the state-of-the-art  weapon system based scenarios. This course will prepare students to effectively respond alone, and with multiple officers, to these acts of terror.



Class is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers and those personnel assigned directly to a law enforcement agency. Class will expose students to stress and moderate physical discomfort due to the dynamic nature of the drills and scenarios.


Required Training Materials

Students must bring their duty belts and attend in attire that replicates their daily uniform.



Course Materials Provided

  • irM4 Training Rifles

  • irPistol Training Weapons

  • irVest

  • StressX Belts

  • irHeadbands

  • irM4 SmartMags

  • irPistol SmartMags

  • Course handouts


Program Syllabus/Curriculum

Day 1

  • Introduction to Active Threats (classroom)

  • Basic Tactics Review

  • Weapons Handling

  • Positions/Body Movement/Walking

  • 360 Degree Security

  • Danger Areas

  • Cornering

  • Cover Management

  • Weapon Recovery/Retrieval

  • Door Entries

  • Room Clearing

  • Hallways

  • Multiple Room Clearing

  • Stairs / Stairwells

  • Drags and Carries


Day 2

  • Threat and Weapon Condition Drills

  • Crowd Management Drills.

  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)

  • Single Officer Response Tactics

  • Multiple Officer Movement Techniques

  • Scenarios


Program Package

BlueSentinel Group provides the following assets/resources for this training class:


  • (4) Certified Law Enforcement Instructors (Day 1)

  • (6) Certified Law Enforcement Instructors (Day 2)

  • All training gear, to include:

    • All force on force training weapons (irM4, irPistol)

    • All protective equipment

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