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BlueSentinel Group is a full service training and security consulting firm, providing Government, Corporate, and Individual security programs. Our diverse backgrounds include extensive operational experience in the following areas: U.S. State and Federal Law Enforcement, U.S. Military, U.S. Intelligence Service and Private Security.


Owned and operated by current/former law enforcement members and intelligence officers, BlueSentinel Group has become a leading brand in the training and consulting industry. Our extensive services cross multiple platforms, each providing subject matter experts in their own unique disciplines. 


We are proud to have been selected to provide our services to a vast array of clients. From Law Enforcement Agencies, the United States Military, Federal Agencies, Universities, Charitable Foundations, Schools, Religious Organizations, Hospitals and Corporations, BlueSentinel Groups' programs have been delivered throughout the nation.  



                                        Protect. Defend. Equip.


BlueSentinel Group's mission is to provide our customers and clients the ability to Protect, Defend and Equip themselves with a comprehensive risk mitigation approach. By applying this motto, we give our customers and clients the necessary training to Protect their property, business, effects and loved ones. We deliver the skill sets to Defend themselves, their loved ones, and those innocent bystanders around them. Lastly, we Equip our community members with the physical tools necessary, coupled with the knowledge, to be prepared for any crisis.





“BlueSentinel Group's experienced cadre was able to conveniently deliver a comprehensive training program, tailored to our agency's needs... we feel fortunate to have been trained by seasoned professionals...exceptional training!  ”

Chief of Police - Pinecrest Police Department

Jason Cohen

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