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Specializing in Threat Assessment and Active Shooter Prevention 





BlueSentinel Group was founded with a passion to provide every person and every organization with the necessary tools to work in a safe environment. Out of this philosophy, we believe that caring about people is caring about your organization. We believe that when people feel safe, empowered and believe in their training, it leads directly to increased organizational productivity. 


Through relevant training, policy development and risk assessment, BlueSentinel Group delivers the next level in security, law enforcement and organization performance. We provide our clients with the utmost confidence and trust in our services, striving to make your work environment safe and secure. 




Active Shooter Training/Workplace Violence

Utilizing basic and advanced certified programs, we help our clients  prevent and prepare for these types of incidents. By combining early warning prevention and active response options, students will master a comprehensive gateway in combating critical incidents, in both their professional and private lives.

Threat Assessments

BlueSentinel Group takes a comprehensive approach to our Security Threat Assessment, reviewing multiple areas of potential employer liability and providing recommendations based on current industry "best practices".


Law Enforcement Consulting/Training

BlueSentinel Group has become a leader in law enforcement training. Our state-of-the art and comprehensive training courses have been recognized and implemented throughout the country. 


Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and guidelines govern, support, and protect your organization on a daily basis. BlueSentinel Group has active experience evaluating, advising, validating, and creating policies for law enforcement, nationwide companies, religious institutions and international brands.


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